The Scientist, 2005, 140 x 180 cm, Acryl on canvas

Nemo G. Struckmeier
Wandlung (Transform) - Secrets of visible forms
New pastel- and acryl works

25. March – 24. June 2006 (14.4.-22.4.06 closed)
Semi final party: Thrusday, 11. May from 7 p.m.

Extra showroom:
"Psychedelic Summer"
Vanessa Grannum and other artists

On show there will be acryl paintings on canvas as well as pastels and mixed media works on paper that were newly created or worked over respectively. Struckmeier’s themes are forms and imagined rooms in which he moves between figuration and abstraction.

In order to make the images inside surface, they require the transformation through the mediator – the artist; hence it comes together what belongs together. The artist is cautious to remain in an unpremediated state, but at the same time he has to apply a deserving form to what emerges (Nemo G. Struckmeier).

Inspired by the art of the Middle and Far East, in Nemo’s works frequently appear kryptic seals, symbols and letters. His ways to work he describes as assembling his spiritual puzzle consisting of “waste of cultural entropy”. Thus his work is newly created in an artistic recycling process.

Nemo G. Struckmeier studied at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg with Fritz Hundertwasser as well as Eduardo Paolozzi, who held a guest lecture ship there at the time. In 1962 Nemo folllowed the latter to London’s Royal College of Art to continue his studies there for one year. After that he lived for two years in Berlin and undertook working trips to Tunesia, Japan and the U.S. Struckmeier won the price of the Amsinckstiftung; the Kunstpreis Junger Westen, Recklinghausen; he was a member of the Kunstcooperative and was included in exhibitions as follows: Deutscher Künstlerbund, Nürnberg; Kunsthaus Hamburg; Galerie Brockstedt, Hamburg; Gedock – Aktuelle Kunst; Galerie Junge Nation; Nordart; Osterwalders Art Office, Hamburg; Montague Art Galleries New York; Salon dÀrt Nizza; Grand Cafè des Art aux Museè dÀrt Contemporien, Nizza. His latest solo show at the Galerie S (the Sparkassen) in Schleswig just finished successfully.
The artist lives and works nearby Hamburg and, he will be present at the opening.

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Susan Collins
Shez Dawood (shez360)
Lela Erlenwein
Christiane Gerlach
Heino Goeb

Vanessa Grannum
Kevin Francis Gray
Richard Hartwell
Tim Head

Bertolt Hering
Eva Köchling
David Neat - Pralinenobjekte

Nemo G. Struckmeier

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